Being rejected from something good just means you are being redirected toward something so much better.
#StayPositive #StayStrong #Patience 


Challenge yourself to a path is success…… 

Whenever you are challenged, never give up or back down. Stand up and prove to “them” what they never expected of you. Shine to outstand your present challenge. You’re what you say you are. Make a change today…. 

‘It’s wrong for Mikel Obi and Siasia to collect $390k gift’ – Senator Ogba says, as senate may probe roles of Dalung and NOC

The Nigerian senate may probe the minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung and the Nigeria Olympic committee (NOC) on their roles over the poor performance of the country’s Team Nigeria contingent in Rio 2016.
The chairman of the Senate Committee on Sports, Senator Joe Obinna Ogba (PDP, Ebonyi), who was also part of the country’s delegation to Rio says Mikel Obi & Samson Siasia were wrong to collect the $390k given to them by Japanese surgeon Dr. Katsuya Takasu, saying no one’s aware of the source of money.

“My committee intends to invite the NOC to come and brief us on the Olympics. Apart from the late arrival of our athletes’ kits, you can see even our national anthem at the opening ceremony was the wrong one. So, all these, we are going to find out what happened when we resume,” Ogba said during an interview with journalists in Abuja on Thursday.. 

“I could recall that my Committee invited the Minister of Sports three times to tell us the level of his Ministry’s preparation, particularly on funding and he assured us that funds had been released.” 

“Out of curiosity, we asked the Minister of Finance and she confirmed that funds had already been released to Sports Ministry only to discover that it was not so. Is that the change Buhari-administration promised?, ” he asked. 

“I am speaking in my personal capacity that it was wrong for our players to have collected the money. I don’t think it was nice for our country to accept such money given the happenings around the world now. Money is good but it’s not every money that comes your way that you collect. So, I associate myself fully with the President of the Nigeria Football Federation,” he noted.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique early this week trolled Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo as he felt Real Madrid’s Champions League win last season was due to playing some “easy” teams in the run up to the final. When Pique, Shakira’s husband was asked in a Twitter Q and A session; “what kind of draw do you want in this year’s Champions League? Pique’s response was:“An easy group stage, Italy’s 3rd in the round of 16 (Roma), Germany’s 8th in the quarters (Wolfsburg), England’s 4th in semis (Manchester City) and the return leg always at home.”

These were the clubs Real Madrid played against at the group stage last year.

So on Thursday evening, after Cristiano Ronaldo was voted the best player in Europe, he was asked about Pique’s dig at him and the club and he smartly replied;

“Well, I’m not going to answer,’ he told the El Larguero radio show. ‘What I can say to Pique is that he can see my tweet (with a) very pretty photo”

Perfect Outfit for You :D 

perfect outfit for your zodiac sign!find the perfect look that fits your astrology sign.

ARIES: trendsetters in fashion and clothing. they have a good taste and like sexy and bold styles to draw attention towards them. 

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES

TAURUS: like to buy designer clothes on one hand, but also love wearing old clothes. earth tones and prints particularly look good on them. 

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES

GEMINI: don’t need to make a statement by their clothing, but like to combine formal items with casualwear. 

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES

CANCER: have the tendency to dress up according to their mood. always look good in light fabrics.

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES 

LEO: wears elegant clothing that draws the attention. vibrant colors look great on them. 

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES

VIRGO: like to wear revealing, daring clothes. white always look good on them.

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES

LIBRA: very beauty concious and like to dress in subtle colors like pastels combined with black, to create a chic look. 

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES 

SCORPIO: like to show off their intense and passionate nature through colors like red & black and fabrics such as velvet.

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES  

SAGITTARIUS: like to experiment with their clothing. they wear colors other people wouldn’t choose very often, but they succeed to look great in them.

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES 

CAPRICORN: look great in geometrical prints and earth tones. they don’t need a spectacular outfit to stand out, so they prefer to dress casually.

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES

AQUARIUS: like to shock everyone. always look good in dark blue & grey tones.

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES

PISCES: their clothing is simplistic and they look the best in turquoise, green & blue. 

example outfit: TOP / BOTTOM / SHOES 

Close Quarters: Canal Boat Cum Cottage — Grownup Home

I’m fascinated by the thought that goes into making extremely small interiors work. Sure, decorating a space is (reasonably) easy. But when you need to take not just aesthetics but also economics, ergonomics and pragmatics into account, the challenge increases as the available space decreases. Occasionally you find spaces that make functionality on multiple levels […]

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